How store and products work

Learn everything about the store tab, how students get access to materials by buying products

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❗ This only applies to schools that let the students pay for their own access to the SOWISO platform.

The Store tab and the products: student view

In cases when students buy their own licenses, we open up an additional tab for them, the Store. In the Store, the students see one or more products they can choose from. Once they buy the product, the materials in the class become available to them.

How the students see the class before they buy the product:

How the students see the class after they buy the product:

They can freely open up the material and practice:

How does this work in the background?

Each SOWISO product is manually created by one of the SOWISO employees. That's why it's essential that you notify SOWISO ( every time you make a new class on the platform and want to start inviting your students.

We will look at your class, and create a product that will contain all the chapters that you included in your class.

Once the product is made, be careful with the changes that you make on the course material. For example if you add a new chapter, please notify us as we will have to add it to the product.

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