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Evaluation type: default incorrect
Evaluation type: default incorrect

Everything you need to know about the evaluation type: default incorrect

Updated over a week ago

The evaluation type default incorrect can only be used in negative feedback and has no automated feedback. A negative feedback rule of this type always reacts to wrong answers and has a predefined priority of 99.

As can be seen here, if no negative feedback rules are applicable to the student’s answer, the student will simply see a red cross with the text “Wrong”. This evaluation type can be used to replace the word “Wrong” with a text of your choice that is more informative to the student, for example: “This is not correct. Try … (insert hint here)”


Note that this evaluation type does not have automated feedback.

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An overview of all evaluation types can be found here (for mathematical answers) and here (for text-based answers). More detail on the different fields of a feedback rule can be found here.

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