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Positive feedback

You can maintain the following fields to define a feedback rule:

- Definition: this is an input field, where the required input depends on the chosen evaluation type. See the table on the bottom of the screen. A feedback rule can be skipped during the evaluation by letting the definition begin with the keyword ignore. This can be useful when you need to apply a rule based on your variables.

- Feedback Category: this is the Feedback Category the rule belongs to. It is used in reporting, but you can also use it to inject predefined feedback texts, see Custom feedback text underneath.

- Priority: is some cases, multiple rules can apply to an answer, but only one rule per time can be hit. In those cases, you can set the priority to determine what rule has precedence: the lower the number in the Priority field, the higher the priority.

- Answer field: in case you have more than 1 answer field in the exercise, you can choose the field to apply the rule to here

- Evaluation type: See the table below.

- Opposite evaluation: This negates the working of the rule. For instance, if you select evaluation type "is not a number", the rule is hot when the answer is not a number. However, when you select "Opposite evaluation", the rule is hit when the answer is a number.

- Test usage: Select this option to apply this rule when the exercise is used in tests. When selected, you can choose a desired partial score when the answer hits this rule.

Automated feedback text

To use the Automated feedback, use the Feedback Category called 'Automated Feedback' and leave the feedback textfield empty to trigger it. In the table underneath the column automated feedback must be enabled for the selected evaluation type.

Feedback templates

You can leave the feedback textfield empty to trigger the use of the text from the Feedback template. This is handy if you have a lot of repetition in your feedback texts. The Feedback templates can be maintained under Author -> tab Feedback Templates. See the feedback template manual.

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