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Automated feedback of evaluation types

Everything you need to know about the automated feedback of evaluation types

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Some evaluation types allow for automated feedback when used in positive or negative feedback rules. When automated feedback is implemented, the feedback text that is visible to the student when a feedback rule is triggered is automatically generated.


Automated feedback can be implemented by simply leaving the feedback text empty. This will cause the grey text “Automated feedback” to appear in the text field (after clicking Save). Note that this grey text will also appear in feedback rules where automated feedback is not implemented when the feedback text field is left empty. In this case, no feedback text will be displayed to the student when this feedback rule is triggered:

The automated feedback text is automatically translated to the language that the user has selected in the platform.

To find out if an evaluation type has automated feedback, you can look at this table (for mathematical evaluation types) or this table (for text-based evaluation types), or look up your evaluation type in the authoring manual.

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