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Evaluation type: eval vector rep
Evaluation type: eval vector rep

Everything you need to know about the evaluation type: eval vector rep

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This evaluation type can be used to check whether the vector representation of the user input corresponds to the line defined by the linear equation in x and y in de Definition field.


The choice of parameter is free. Note that this rule is only triggered if the student provides an answer in the form of the example, so using a base vector and a direction vector. For example, the following answers will not trigger this rule:

If you want the student to have more answering possibilities or if you want to provide automated feedback to the student, you can use the evaluation types eval param rep and fb param rep instead.

This evaluation type does not have automated feedback.

More on evaluation types

An overview of all evaluation types can be found here (for mathematical answers) and here (for text-based answers). More detail on the different fields of a feedback rule can be found here.



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