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Can my reports on the platform be connected to my reports on my LTI?
Can my reports on the platform be connected to my reports on my LTI?

Connecting reports to Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc.

Updated over a week ago

Are you using our platform integrated with an LTI- Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, or other? And you are wondering if the reports from our platform are connected to the reports you see in your LTI. There are multiple things at play here, but the bottom line is that the grade pushback part of the LTI integration does not work that nicely with the way that our platform works.

The LTI resource grade pushback feature in Moodle is set up with a single learning activity in mind. This works for something like a test. But when you link to, for example, the homepage of SOWISO, there are many learning activities and there is not one grade we push back.

So in order to get it to work properly, you'd need two links from Moodle, one linking to our homepage, the other linking to the test. Now, the problem here is that the student can use the first one to access the test as well, since that's just a default feature. And if he does, we push back the grade to the wrong activity in Moodle.

Next to that, there's a problem on our side. We currently push back grades for all activities. So if a student would take a test, finish up and then continue with another test, or a package, the score of that last package would also be sent to Moodle and, depending on how Moodle handles this, probably overwrite the old grade.

Moreover, when you regrade a test in SOWISO, we are not able to sync this back to Moodle, since the pushback functionality is tied to the student logging in.

As you can see, it does not work flawlessly. If you still want to, you can create separate LTI resources for tests in SOWISO using a custom_url parameter in the resource. But then you need to make sure that students only access the test via that link in Moodle.

Alternative solution: you can download an Excel sheet with all student results, that you can then upload into your LTI. Learn where to get the Excel sheet here.

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