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How does the waiting room for tests works?
How does the waiting room for tests works?
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When a scheduled test is about to start, students can enter the waiting room. 60 minutes before the test can be started, the waiting room opens and students can enter it. There, a timer will be visible that counts down to when the test starts. When it does, a Start button will appear and they can enter the test.

When students enter the waiting room, their test will be generated in the backend, so that once the test starts, the test does not have to be generated anymore. For large groups, this is handy because it spreads some of the load.

This is what it looks like for students.

  1. Before the waiting room opens, the test shows up on the home screen of the student under the Test widget. Right now, it cannot be accessed.

2. The waiting room opens 60 minutes before the test starts and the test link can be clicked to enter the waiting room.

3. The student enters the waiting room and sees the confirmation screen of the test. At the bottom, a timer is counting down up to the moment the tests can be started.

4. Once the test can be started, the timer is replaced with a Start button and the test can be started.

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