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Enforce a delay between test attempts (🎥with video)
Enforce a delay between test attempts (🎥with video)

Learn how to set a delay between two test attempts

Updated over a week ago

If your test has multiple or unlimited number of attempts, you might want to stop your students from starting a new test immediately one after another. To prevent that, you can enforce a delay between test attempts.

How to set it up?

Go to your Test Settings and enable the option to "Enable delay between attempts".

Another two options will appear:

Choose the delay duration and the delay unit. Students can start their next step only after a specified duration following the submission of their previous test.

How do the students see it?

On the home page, the test will look like any other test.

Once the student clicks on it, they will get a message: Please note that after you submit the test you have to wait before taking the test again. The waiting period for this test is X minutes.

If the student submits the test and tries to do another one right after, they will get the following message and a timer:

Once the students are in the test, they won't see any more notifications informing them about the delay.

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