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How can I post on a forum?
How can I post on a forum?
Learn how you can post on the forum
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There are two ways to post on the forum:

  • by clicking on "Ask a question" on a theory/exercise page

  • by clicking on "New question" in the Forum tab

  1. Ask a question on a theory/exercise page

    The option to ask a question will only appear once you have solved the exercise or asked for the solution. Then, you can click on the button "Ask question".

You can post anonymously, use the mathematics formulas (click on f(x)), or draw (click on the pencil).

Click on Preview if you wish to see how will your post look like, and click on Post to send your question to the forum. Your teacher will be able to see the exact page where you were when you asked your question.

2. Post a new question in the Forum tab

Go to Forum and click on "New question".

The difference here is that you can switch between the different classes to choose where you wish to post your forum. Each class has a separate forum. So you can decide to post in any of the forums (as long as you are a member of that class).

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