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Set up a test deadline (🎥with video)
Set up a test deadline (🎥with video)

Learn how you can set up a deadline for your test

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What is a test deadline?

The test deadline is a set time at which the test will stop and be automatically submitted. The deadline will be the same for all the students doing the test, no matter when they started their test (unless you set up an exception for the student).

How to set it up?

Create your test as usual, and go to the tab "Date & Time". Enable the deadline and choose the date and time for it.

How will the students see it?

The students will see that there is a deadline already on their home page, before they even start the test:

Once they start the test, they will see the deadline in the upper right corner.

When the time runs out, the test will be submitted.

Can I set an exception to the deadline for individual students?

Yes, you can set up exceptions if you enable the deadline in general test settings. Learn about test exceptions here.

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