Especially in large groups, it can be useful to divide your students into groups. This allows teachers to assign teaching assistants to smaller groups, and filter the "REPORT" environment only on these smaller groups.

How to create a new group

In the "TEACHER" environment, click on the GROUPS tab.

At the top is an input field where you can type a name for your new group. Click on the '+ Group' button to create your new group.

Your new group will now show up in the list below the input field. You now have a few options.

  • Add or remove students from your group.  

  • Rename your group 

  • Remove your group 

Add or remove students from your group

Click on the users icon or on the name of the group. 

You will see two columns.

The column on the right shows all the students in your class. The column on the left shows the students currently in this group. Locate the students you want to add by going through the list or by using the search bar. Click on the name or the '+' icon to add the student to the group. The student will now show up in the left column.

Click on the 'trash' icon in the left column to remove a student from the group.

Watch a video to see it in action

Manage groups 00:27-00:39

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