Creating paragraphs and linebreaks

To create a paragraph, press shift+enter (in both theory and exercises). In the resulting HTML (which can be accessed by clicking the <> button on the text editor menu), you will see that the editor inserts paragraph (p) tags.

To create a linebreak, press enter (also both in theory and exercises).. In the resulting HTML, you will see that the editor inserts linebreak (br) tags.


Inside LaTeX equations, you can also use linebreaks to format the source, but you can’t use paragraphs.

Too much white space after a LaTeX equation environment

If you create an exercise that includes a LaTeX environment on a separate line (using \[ … \]), you may have noticed that you can get too much white space above and below the equation. You can solve this by pressing shift+enter instead of enter after a display equation. In the editor, this will look like there is more space, but the student will not get the extra line break.


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