Release notes late July, for release 22.20

Updated over a week ago

New Features


  • teachers can now copy assignments to another class and also copy them along when copying a class.

Learn more about assignments here, and more information about copying a class can be found here.


  • the python engine is updated to versino 3.10 and the option to plot images using matplotlib is now added.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • the API is extended with support for exercise type Geogebra.


  • tests that use an IP whitelist are now also checked on the whitelisted IPs when saving answers.

  • logging out is now a post request.

  • password validation now takes the same time in all cases.

  • cookies are now prefixed with __Secure.

  • the api docs are updated.

  • all user sessions are revoked after the user changes his account credentials.

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