Release notes mid May, for release 22.0.0.

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New Features


  • we've added a score-to-grade feature with which a teacher can let the system automatically calculate a grade based on the test score. Read more about it here.

  • we've introduced a faculty level to better allocate classes.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we've fixed a bug where authors would see the wrong feedback template in an exercise due to their permissions.

  • we've fixed a bug in the presentation of variables that used scientific notation.


  • we've improved the import and export mechanism for example exercises that are used in theory pages.

  • we've fixed that user uploads now skip empty rows.


  • we've added support for replaying an execise via the API.


  • we now only allow Latin and special alphabet characters in names when registering.


  • this was a technical release to connect to a new server backend.

Next to this, we closed some OMPT specific issues:

  • move-ompt-exam-time-clock-to-the-left-side

  • opengraph-meta-tag-og-image-is-wrong-for-ompt

  • removed email alerts for OMPT grading

  • disable-survey-email-after-mock-exam

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