Release notes beginning of April, for release v21.1.0

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New Features


  • we improved the keyboard-only navigation for web accessibility for all exercise types that make use of the formula editor and dropdowns.


  • when creating a new test, we changed the default value for the "course availability" setting to course unavailable.

    ❗ Please note: before this update, default settings were course available. If the course is available, students are able to pause the test and continue it at a later time. Please visit the article here to learn more about this option.

  • we've added an option to submit all unsubmitted tests from the test Results page.

    ❗ This action cannot be undone.


  • we added an option to add a theory page to a chapter as a formula sheet. Enabling it will show a Formula sheet button on all exercises in that chapter. When it's accessed, it will show up in the overlay just like a referenced theory page. Visit this article to learn more.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we added a feature for admins to mass-upload labels.

  • we fixed some issues when uploading users via a file.


  • the play/set endpoint now supports the passing of a try_id, so that a set can be continued.


  • we fixed a bug in the exercise type proof system, where they could get lost in a test.


  • we added a new exercise template for open exercises called open_sw_maxima_template


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