Release notes early February, for release v20.2.0

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New Features


  • We added feedback to tests. From now on, after submitting a test, specific feedback is shown to the student when it's available.

  • We added an option for scheduled tests that allows students to check exercises individually when taking a test before submitting the test. The teacher can control whether this is possible on the exercise level. Read more here.

  • We added an option for scheduled tests to have a deadline at which the test must be submitted. Read more here.


  • we added the possibility for an author to preview an exercise in test mode. This will then only show feedback rules that are enabled with Test usage, together with the score.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we fixed a layout issue where the grading section in the test review screen was in front of the exercises.


  • we fixed a bug where comments would not show up in email notifications.


  • we fixed a bug in the replay of single-choice questions, where it only displayed the first answer given.


  • we added a validation check to the language from the incoming request


  • we added a validation check on the maximum size and dimension of images that are used in sw_image() to prevent performance problems.

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