Release notes mid November, for release v20.0.0

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New Features


  • we added a new prerequisites feature. In order to guide a student through the learning process, it is now possible to set prerequisites for tests and chapters. They will remain locked until the student masters the associated sources. Sources can be other tests, chapters, assignments and/or dates.

  • we added a notes section in the test review, where teachers can leave comments about the test for their colleagues.

  • we made the test grading area floating at the bottom of the screen for better usability while grading.

  • for institutions that use LTI, we added the LTI url to the teacher settings under the access code.

  • when regrading a test, the teacher now has the possibility to manually stop the regrading.

  • when creating a new class, setting an end date is now mandatory.

  • to facilitate the identification of students, we added the student number to the students in the Users tab. This is particularly useful when different students share the same name.


  • we added an optional field for exercises called intro that functions as a shared text field in a set. The fields will be kept in sync across the exercises in a set and will be displayed above the question text.


  • we implemented a detailed administrator permission model to prevent administrators from having too wide access.


  • we added support for the new LTI version 1.3

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we fixed a bug where a student could get stuck in a test when he started the test before a teacher moved the start date to the future.


  • we fixed a bug where errors in the text would not save in translation mode.


  • admins can now filter on an activity period in the user management.


  • we added OpenGraph support in meta for social media share previews.

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