Release notes late July, for release v19.0.0

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New Features


  • while grading a single test, we added a button to go to the next test.


  • we added expandable theory block headers to mark the level of the expandable block (neutral, basic, intermediate, advanced). The levels will be shown to the student with a blue circle that gets darker if the level goes up.

  • we made the top menu sticky to reduce the amount of scrolling needed.

  • when editing an exercise op type open, made the test scenarios sortable and their titles editable.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we no longer delete logs on content items based on time, but we now store the last 200 changes per item.

  • we improved the speed when creating and deleting feedback rules.

  • we fixed a bug in the evaluation type eval_polynomial.


  • when you start an exercise as a student but do not finish it, the next time you visit the exercise, it will continue where you left off. However, when an author changed the variables in the meantime, there will be a mismatch between your exercise in progress and the new version of the exercise. If this mismatch occurs, we now no longer continue the exercise, but create a new one for the student.


  • we've fixed a bug where content/course crashed when empty packages were used.


  • we fixed a bug where the download icon would disappear on smaller screen sizes.


  • we fixed some bugs in the evaluation type fb_generic.


  • we removed all external links in open courses.


  • We've updated to PHP version 8.1.


we fixed a bug in the Safe Exam Browser functionality.


  • we improved the layout of the mobile upload page when doing an external upload for a test.


  • we've updated our version of MathJax to v2.7.9

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