Release notes early June, for release 18.8.0

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New Features


  • we've added support for the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). Configuration- and browser keys can be set both on school and on the test levels. Learn more about this feature here.

  • we've added support for uploading files during a test from an external device, using a QR code. Learn more about this feature here.


  • we've added the possibility to view the answer frequency when reviewing a test. This is only available for certain exercise types. Learn more about this feature here.


  • we've greatly improved the automated feedback engine that's behind the evaluation type fb generic. It now detects a lot more cases and comes up with a lot more targeted results.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we've added and excel downloads for class-level statistics.

  • we've added support for the import of an exam.


  • managers are no longer able to anonymize users.


  • we've added endpoints for better support of the playback of exercises.


  • we've fixed a bug where the virtual keyboard would not show up for first-time users.

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