Release notes late January, for release 18.5.0

Updated over a week ago

New Features


  • when an exercise starts, we now scroll to the question text instead of the input field.


  • we've improved the error message for when a test is submitted that already was submitted earlier. This can happen when a teacher submits a test for a student or when a student opens the same test in multiple tabs ans submits in both.


  • we've added the sw_divisors function that returns all divisors of a number in an array.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we made some performance improvements in collecting the content items in the authoring page.


  • we renamed the "Activity by date" widget on the dashboard to "Recent activity".


  • we fixed an issue with the colouring of circles while grading tests.

  • we now pause video and audio when navigating between questions in a test.


  • we've improved the response a user gets on the forgot password form when submitting a username that does not exist.

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