Release notes early November, for release 18.3.2.

Updated over a week ago

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we added the images of wrongly entered answers in the test review for the accounting exercise types

  • we fixed a bug where drag and drop would not work in the full-screen test mode


  • we added cas logs for exercise-type strategy

  • we maximized the number of feedback rules that can be created to 98 to avoid issues

  • we expanded the explode variable functionality to support lists of multiple lines as well

  • we fixed a bug where chapter labels got saved as sub-chapter labels


  • we fixed a bug where the GeoGebra would not load in the solution of an essay exercise


  • we improved the Swedish translations for teachers


  • we fixed a bug that occurred when multiple applets on the same screen could influence each other


  • we added a more detailed error message TextNotUpdated to the author/change_text endpoint

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