Release notes late October, for release v18.2.2.

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New Features


  • we made it easy for students to review their past attempts on exercises, so they can learn from their mistakes. They can now click the breadcrumb during practice and when available, it will show them an option to bring them to their history.


  • we now always open up the virtual keyboard when starting a test, so students do not miss it because it was collapsed earlier.

  • we now implemented the custom release option to also take effect directly after a student submits the test.


  • we changed the indicator of the default language to 'default'.

  • we improved the test release state explanation behind the information icon.


  • assignments can now have an extra requirement on progress separate from the score.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we fixed a bug in is the evaluation type is not simplified fraction where the floats option 4 did not work properly on equations.

  • we fixed a bug in the theory explore steps feature


  • we now store the settlement amount for foreign currency payments.


  • we fixed a bug in exercise type hotspot where the hotspot image showed up with wrong dimensions when used in a tests.


  • we introduced an extra measure against a spamming flood issue.

  • we improved the pages that are not found to return a proper 404 status code, together with a renewed layout.


  • we've update the font to Quicksand v24.


  • we've optimized some bad performing queries for assignments.


  • we've disabled the animations of the report circles to improve the performance


  • toggle of edit and pencil to edit the program name

  • added a way to edit the logo and name of a institution

  • possibility to delete an institution with extra confirmation

  • manage university names of groups

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