Release notes early October 2021, for release: 18.2.1

Updated over a week ago

New Features


  • we've added sw_Python() so authors can randomize using Python. See the <a href="/docs/exercise_manual">manual</a> for instructions.

  • we've also added the evaluation type eval_python, so authors can write custom functions to check student answers using Python. See the <a href="/docs/exercise_manual#eval_Python">manual</a> for instructions.

  • we've added the \diff{a}{b} macro to support the typesetting of the differential operator.

  • we've added Apertium as a translation tool between Bokmål and Nynorsk.

  • long variable fields can now be collapsed


  • we've added the greek letters Lambda (Λ), Sigma (Σ), omikron (ο) and iota (ι) to the formula editor.


  • we've added copy product functionality.


  • we've restyled theory exercises (when using sw_example) so that the question and the solution are now split and the solution is shown in green.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • we now keep spaces intact to support indentation for exercise type Python.

  • we've updated the eval_R manual

  • we've updated the way that eval_R handles empty values. From now on, they are set to NULL


  • we improved the performance of the glossary application, which was slowing down long theory pages.


  • we've disabled the Geogebra full screen option in a fullscreen test, since it's not compatible.

  • we've added a check for IPad's and IPhones that denies them for full screen tests, since they are not compatible.

OMPT specific

  • we've added a new MOCK for OMPT-D (this cannot be tested on QA right now)

  • we've added admin management of OMPT programs

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