Release notes late April 2021, for release: 17.2.0

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Image of drawing molecules

New features


  • When reviewing a test as an author, we nog give you access to the variables that were generated for the question that you're reviewing.


  • We've added Python formatting as an options in all exercise types.

  • We've added the molecule editor to the text editor toolbar when editing. exercises and theory, so you can now easily draw molecules and chemical reactions.

  • We've now allow the audio control options attribute, so when you use audio files, you can disable the download option by adding the controlsList="nodownload" to the <audio> tag (<audio controlsList="nodownload" ...)


  • In exercise type essay and in notes, we've added the molecule editor to the text editor toolbar, so you can now let students draw molecules and chemical reactions.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • We've disabled horizontal scrolling for ace-read-only and improved code formatting.


  • We fixed a bug when reviewing a test, students did not get to see the correct solution options for multiple-choice questions, when the solution was a variable.


  • We now explicitly refresh the csrf identifier after logout.

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