Release notes April 2021, for release: 17.1

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New features


  • A teacher can now send notifications during a test to all test takers.

  • We've added a 'custom' release option for tests, so teachers can choose what parts of a test they release: score / students' answers / score per questions / solutions.

  • When grading a test, we now color the breadcrumb of unanswered questions (gray) differently from incorrectly answered questions (red).


  • We've updated the enumeration of exercises in the course material tab, so that it better reflects the numbers that students see in their breadcrumbs when practicing a package.

  • We've added a class setting for teachers to enable the calculator during practice.


  • We've added a new exercise type for chemistry called drawing molecules. It let's the student answer in the form of a molecule drawing and support feedback and automatic evaluation of the answer based on the Simplified molecular-input line-entry system (SMILES).

  • We've added the evaluation types eval_rational_functions and fb_rational_functions with automated feedback

  • We updated the exercise mistakes analysis view for exercises (via the wrench icon in the Info tab), to always show the mistakes in a pop up.

  • We've improved the feedback to authors when entering unavailable options in a Definition field for multiple choice questions.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • We've added the fields undefined functions and allow long variables to the play api endpoint.


  • We fixed a bug where saving a feedback rule with a feedback template did not work.

  • We've added support for returning math markup in feedback for exercise type Python.


  • We've made sure that glossary words followed by the ; or the : character are now also picked up by the glossary.


  • We've made all javascript files load conditionally based on the exercise types used in a test.

  • We fixed a bug where, when solutions are hidden during practice, they were also hidden during teacher grading.


  • updated Swedish and Norwegian translations.

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