Release notes December 2020, for release: 16.6

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New features


  • We've added a new exercise type "Python" for programming Python code. It allows the learner to write (and optionally run) Python code. The author can set requirements and program evaluations with feedback on both the syntax of the desired code and of the output of the code. We've added a lot of exercise templates to demonstrate how they can be used.


  • We've added a download option to download the answers per question.

  • We've added a "Result per set" tab to be able to more easily grade tests per set.


  • We enabled the 'My Downloads' feature for teachers, which is now available via the profile page.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • We've fixed a bug in the formula editor where the wrong answer field could get focus on a touch device.

  • We've fixed a bug where the response from Geogebra applets could come in late.

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