Release notes February 2021, for release: 17.0

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Introducing: Gamification!

New features


  • We introduced experience points (XP) with experience levels and chapter level badges.


  • We introduced a new public profile page where you can showcase your achieved badges and tell something about yourself.


  • We introduced 'Quick grading' for manually grading a test. It's implemented in both the grading per student and the grading per question screen.

  • We introduced a language setting per test so that you can control in which language your tests are available.

  • We've changed group order scoring in a test to partial scoring - test: we've made an option to keep the instruction during the test on the screen while making the questions.


  • We now fully support short interval notation via the inequality description in the editor, like #a < x < b#

  • We now support copy and click of \varepsilon, on copy we insert a regular \epsilon.


  • We've enabled support for the evaluation type similar text in exercise type open free for text areas.


  • Notifications can now be deleted and marked read in bulk.


  • We now support local currencies for products.

  • Chapters that are not available because they need to be purchased first, are not hidden anymore, but now they show up behind a paid lock.

Technical notes & bug fixes


  • Exercise type group order now shows the solution in the replay.


  • Invoices are now email after the purchase.


  • We fixed a bug where a file deletion from MY Downloads would get you stuck on the screen.


  • We've fixed a bug where the My Downloads link would not show up on the profile page for authors.

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