Release notes December 2020, for release: 16.5

Updated over a week ago

New features


  • We've added a new exercise type "Financial accounting" for accounting.

  • When searching for multiple keywords in the advanced search on labels, results now must match all searched keywords instead of some.


  • We've added a download option 'Grades per answer' for tests.


  • We've enabled the get_classes endpoint for the teacher level.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • We've fixed the weight in the download option of answers to be on the same level as an exercise.

  • We've improved the group upload feature to match names case insensitive and better handle duplicate users in the upload file.


  • We've fixed a bug where not all Unicode characters could be saved in notes and exercise-type Essay.

  • We've fixed a bug in exercise type Geogebra where the answer in the form of images could be overwritten with empty images after a test revisit.

  • We've fixed some improper handling of the answer for work-through errors in tests.


  • We now log all failed login attempts.


  • We've improved some Swedish wording in feedback.


  • We now trim author definitions for white spaces and new lines in the exercise type radio button so if that happens, answers will still be evaluated.

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