Release notes late June 2020, for release: 15.7.0

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New features


  • We added the ability to generate images and files via R via the sw_R() function!

  • Generating files, like CSV's or Rdata files, is also supported.

  • When successful, a relative URL will be returned with the name of the file in the key. See the manual section "Create via R" for examples:

  • We now allow delimiters for inline PHP evaluation in feedback rules with the ~ as a delimiter.

  • We added exercise solution to the advanced search.


  • We added an option to hide solutions via the class settings.

  • We added an option to add notes during practice via the class settings.

  • We removed similar-looking characters from access codes to avoid confusion.

  • We added a message for the student that results will not be saved when the class end date has passed for the student.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • We changed the GeoGebra exercise type so that the SWCHECKEQUAL variable is no longer displayed because it's now auxiliary.

  • We fixed a bug where restoring a feedback template with variables does not work.

  • We now also save the author as the creator of an exercise when the author starts with the creation using a template.


  • We made improvements on the manage teacher page.

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