Release notes June 2020, for release: 15.6.0

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New features


  • We created a new evaluation type eval polynomial that checks multivariate polynomials for correctness and automatically gives feedback on a very detailed level. It works in conjunction with fb_polynomial, where you can choose the form of the polynomial to be expanded or factored.

  • We added code highlighting in the HTML-mode of the editor with auto indenting.

  • We changed the way to enter a new line, in theory, to be consistent between editing an exercise and a theory page. The Enter-key now always gives a break (<br>-tag) and Shift+Enter now always gives a paragraph(<p>-tag).

  • We added support for GeoGebra API calls in the applet.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • We fixed a bug where students could see their score via an excel download in the best grades tab before it was released.

  • We fixed a bug where archived tests would show up on the home screen if there was a student exception.

Formula editor

  • We fixed a bug where equivalence had the wrong precedence.


  • We fixed a bug where changing values in deleted exercises and copying them would lead to errors.

  • We fixed a bug in multiple-choice questions where solutions with a new line in them were not being picked up as correct solutions.

  • We fixed a bug where some evaluation types for text would not show up in exercise type open free.

  • We fixed a bug where an example exercise with an empty solution text would still show the solution icon.


  • We fixed a bug in exercise type open free in tests when the exercise only had dropdowns, it would incorrectly show up as answered in a restored test.

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