Release notes May 2020, for release: v15.4.0

Updated over a week ago

Added on: May 1st, 2020

New features


  • Changing the test setting 'minutes' will be live updated for tests that are underway.

  • We added an option to a scheduled test that allows for file uploads per question.


  • We enabled chapter usage for managers.

  • We now allow managers to see and create author groups.


  • Under export, we added an option to export the structure of chapters and sub-chapters to Excel.

  • We extended the sw_sn() function for significant numbers. The second argument can now also be 10 for the 10nth power of tex for tex output.


  • We added an on-screen chat option for teachers with a link to help.sowiso.com.

  • We added an option to export/print a test.

Technical notes and bug fixes


  • The image class image zoom now works in tests.

  • In the review of multiple-choice questions, we fixed a bug where variable solutions were not checked correctly.

  • We fixed bugs where in exercise type journal for accounting answers did not come through correctly.


  • The slideshow webcam recording is fixed again.


  • We fixed a bug where in Internet Explorer 11 the virtual keyboard on small screens did not work correctly.


  • We fixed a bug where the icons on the home screen of the report did not always spin.


  • We've added a new version of the scrollbar in the sidebar for the widgets.


  • We've fixed a bug where the filtering on status did not work correctly.

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