Our learning analytics allow Teachers to monitor the progress of their class, and identify at-risk students. At the top of the home screen, you will find a button labelled "Report". This will bring you to the learning analytics page.

Reporting per chapter

The legend at the top right shows that the length of each bar represents the progress (i.e. the percentage of material finished), and the colour represents the score.

It's possible to get a more detailed look by clicking on a chapter. You will then see how students have performed on each subchapter within that chapter. For example:

Reporting per subchapter

We can zoom in one level deeper as well, and see the exercise packages within this subchapter. For example:

Reporting per exercise package

If you want to zoom in a level deeper and see exactly how students have answered the exercises within this package, you can do so by clicking on a coloured bar.

Reporting per exercise within an exercise package

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