Added on: Friday March 27, 2020

New features

For all users

  • We now remember the state of collapsed items on your home screen
  • In question type essay and for forum posts, we’ve added an option to make a drawing
  • In question type essay and for forum posts, we now also allow users to insert formulas that are not syntactically correct (after an extra confirmation)

For teacher

  • We've added shortcuts on the home screen to create new tests, classes, assignments and messages
  • In the report - the download file for tests now has an extra Best attempt per student worksheet
  • In the review mode of a test, we've added an option to display the uploaded files inline
  • We've added an alternative registration link for class enrollments for clients that log in with SURF-Conext
  • We’ve changed the default number of students in the report to 50

For author

  • We've stretched the maximum number of input fields per exercise to 50
  • We've added a chatbot for authors that is linked to our new help center at
  • We now show package usage while editing an exercise in the info tab
  • We've added an option to not round variables in exercise by setting the number of decimals to -1
  • We've added the ID of items when copying a package or a theory page
  • We've update the usage checkboxes for used/unused exercises when selecting them in a package

Technical notes and bug fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where fractions in units broke the placeholder feature
  • Fixed a bug where an author could not preview a theory page when he was in a class in test mode
  • We've fixed a bug where glossary items starting or ending with an accent (in French) did not get picked up
  • We've fixed a bug where the links in the manual did not link to the correct place
  • We've fixed a bug where the last answer where in an author preview the solution of a previous exercise did not get replaced
  • We've fixed a bug where course material tree for a teacher did not get updated after hiding items
  • We’ve fixed a bug where the middle mouse click on notifications did not work
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