The exercise type 'Multiple Choice' requires users to select one or multiple answer choices from a defined list of options.

Multiple choice question where multiple options can be chosen by the student.

  • Add the options from the Texts tab with the + Add -> New option.

  • New options will be assigned a number.

  • To specify a correct option, put the number of the option in the Definition field of a solution rule in the Solutions tab. For multiple options, add another solution and again put the number of that option in the Definition field.

  • To create feedback, add a Negative feedback rule in the Negative Feedback tab and put the number of the option you want to give feedback on in the Definition field of the feedback rule.

  • You can also give feedback on a combination of chosen answer options by separating the option numbers with a ;. e.g 1;4 would only give feedback when options 1 and 4 are checked.

We also provide the exercise type 'Multiple Choice Random' where the order of the options is shuffled. 

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